Toys are fun, engaging, and inspiring. However, children’s toys are more than just games and fun. Toys are usually designed to provide opportunities for kids to learn and develop. Educational toys’ purpose is to help young children reach their developmental milestones while having a lot of fun.

When choosing a toy, you should always consider the toy’s safety, the child’s ability to understand how to play with that toy, and the needs, interests, and skills that a toy is promoting.

The best toys engage all child’s senses. They encourage learning, motor skills achievement, and emotional expression and control. These toys also boost self-esteem and child’s social skills. Also, the best are those toys that spark children’s imagination and creativity and help them learn about social roles, rules, and expectations. Additionally, many toys are a great tool to promote a child’s language and speech development.

Right Toys and play increase brain development and growth. Play promotes new neural connections in the brain and enhances the brain’s plasticity and flexibility. More information about how play can be constructive for your child development you can find here

For younger children with special needs, choose activities that provide multiple choices of playing alone, playing alongside other kids, or playing together. Some of the play activities may involve books, blocks, materials for drawing and painting, construction materials like OUR range of waffles, props for dramatic or pretend play, and outside play activities.

Always ensure that the play area is safe and free of any potential hazards. It should also be spacious enough for your child to move around comfortably.

Toys for Children with Special Needs

Our innovative sensory toys are designed to improve motor skills and promote brain stimulation in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy (CP).

We believe that it is essential that children keep exercising and developing their skills. By playing with the right toys, they can develop and improve.

Research shows that giving the children with special needs the opportunity to play with the same toys as their peers without special needs can improve their cognitive and social development. Children with autism spectrum disorders, for example, experience difficulties in cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral domains. Their play is, therefore, also challenged. Children with ASD typically show the delay in social interaction and communication and the ability to initiate and sustain play. Their play is commonly repetitive and involves a limited play with only a few toys. Autism spectrum disorders affect the child’s ability to explore their environment, respond to others and copy simple actions, take turns and share objects.

Our toys promote body balance, creativity, and multi-tasking. These construction toys provide a clear understanding of instruction. They involve logic games and enhance visual analysis, artistic creation, and 3D imagination. Toys that encourage manipulative play are important as they promote visual perception and the sense of control.

Here, we present several toys that promote different aspects of development and that are specially designed for children with special needs, MOOVIE

MOOVIE – Neurological Building Blocks

MOOVIE is an amazing neurological building blocks toy that was created to promote the development of children with changes in the central nervous system. The toy is intended for occupational therapy of sensory moving disorders such as sensory processing disorder (SPD).
Sensory processing disorder is a neurological condition in which sensory signals are not organized into appropriate responses. This causes difficulties in children with SPD to process sensory information from their surroundings. In other words, kids with SPD process sensory information such as movement, sound, or touch more or less intensely than other people.

However, not only children with special needs love these toys. Children love playing with MOOVIE building blocks puzzle as they are fun and engaging. Blocks were created to support body balance and coordination while strengthening the entire body. MOOVIE is one big toy that hides in 23 psc with various shapes that can easily be used to create forms such as paths, chimney, slide, tunnel, pony, etc. Children love to create and collaborate at the same time, have fun.

Our second series of toys MINI WAFFLE focus on brain stimulation, which helps children focus on the task, improve imagination, artistic creativity and help them develop manual skills. Please visit our shop to see full range of our product.